About Us




CuddleCube.com, we offer a great selection of customized and convenient care packages

Owner/President Trish Norman-Figueiredo

Cuddlecube.com™ has been created to be different from the average drop shipped care package. We offer a specialized and personal way of sending a “hug” to your loved ones and friends.

In the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world, we as the working parents of college kids want to provide a resource for other busy families, friends and people who are looking for a way to show they care with a personalized home made touch.

All of our packages have been designed with our own family and friends in mind, with only top quality and well known brands, and an awareness of the need for affordable value. Realizing that amidst the stress of our rushed life styles, shopping around, packaging and mailing can be all too time consuming, we offer most packages in two sizes with optional upgrades so that our packages can be further customized with your own personal touch.

We also offer Specialty Gift Baskets that can be made to order or customized for your gift giving needs. Just tell us your idea, budget and let us do the rest…we’ll make it easy for your to send that Long Distance Specialty Hug™!

So when you want a creative, personalized and quick way of showing you care about, miss, love or are thinking of someone let CuddleCube.com help Send that Long Distance “HUG”™!