Giving is receiving quote

Giving Is Receiving

Ever wondered why people use the phrase, “giving is receiving”? In this Blog Talk Radio interview by Sharri Stailey of Allow the Magic, Trish Norman-Figueirdo, owner and president of shares some of her ideas on the gift of giving. Giving is Receiving…   Interviewer, Sharri Stailey is a certified astro-numerologist, licensed Myotherapist, energy worker, […]

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Advice on Parenting a College Freshman

Number One Advice For Parenting A College Freshman

Being a “new” parent to a college freshman isn’t always so easy… Preparing to send our kids off to college, and parenting a college freshman can be a very emotional experience…both for the parent/s and for the child. For most of us, our days have been filled with routines that involve our children either directly […]

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A college packing list for moving into the college dorm room

College Packing List | Furnishing Your Student’s Dorm Room

It’s time to get that college packing list in order! Preparing to move your student into a college dorm room is a much more involved process these days than back in our day. The College Packing List no longer consists of just a few boxes and a single suitcase. From electronics to renters insurance, the […]

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moving into freshman dorm rooms

Your Child Is Leaving For College…

Your child is leaving for college… Now what?! During the hustle and bustle of senior year, amidst the excitement of college applications and admissions, the milestone moments of prom, graduation and turning 18, there is little time to really contemplate how large of a transition their going away will entail… We catch ourselves briefly thinking…“my […]

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moving back home from college

Moving Back Home and Packing Up the Dorm – Practical Tips for a Smooth Transition.

One of the biggest revelations for parents of college students is how quickly the school year ends…and moving back home from college can often be a stressful and agitated process, for both students and parents alike. As our children graduate from high school, the anticipation of moving into the college dorm or apartment is a […]

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It can be a challenge when our college students come home, but being flexible will help the family nest readjust.

Your Student Comes Home From College – Maintaining the Family Nest

When your student comes home from college, it will take some effort to readjust the family nest… Having our student come home from college, we are reminded of the day when we tearfully waved goodbye to our college freshman. Undoubtedly we experienced a mixture of excitement and melancholy, an emotional mix which fills the heart […]

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UCF happy student

Student Stress – 5 Tips to Help Your Student Cope

Student Stress is a very real, and often challenging issue for parents as well… For many students finals may be stressful, and because test scores determine a large percentage of their grade and often come on the heels of finals projects and presentations, student stress levels can elevate considerably. Those stress induced final exam nightmares, […]

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Homesick college student

Do You Worry About Your Homesick College Student?

Having a homesick college student can worry even the most hands off parents, and it can be an especially difficult time during the holidays. Many colleges and universities do not coordinate their spring break schedules with the religious weeks of Easter and Passover, which means that thousands of college students are often left to fend […]

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